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The new season is here and hopefully you are as excited as we are! 😁

We have a lot of nice announcements and a number of changes, so read everything carefully! Studio Presentation

First of all: this year we will have a studio presentation on Sunday January 14th!! Training will start soon. You can register with the teacher to participate, registration is possible until 30th of September. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

New Teachers

We have 2 new teachers; Malaika Nounla en Mark Schipper! Malaika will be a teaching an Afro/Hiphop Fusion (Advanced) class every Tuesday at 20:30h. Mark will be teaching a Choreography Class (Advanced) every Wednesday at 20:30h. Both teaching will be teaching until December-ish. First 2 weeks

The first week we have an adjusted schedule. Charlice, Awa, Dani and Nina are all on vacation/unavailable. The 2nd week Awa, Dani and Charlice will be back, Nina will be back a week later. Junior Class

There are now 2 junior classes! Every Monday and Wednesday at 16:30h, taught by Cheyenne and Naomi. The Junior class is therefore no longer on Thursdays! Naomi will be teaching until December-ish, after that a new teacher (Eva) will be taking over the class.

Kids Class

The kids class has been moved to Thursday at 16:45. So it is no longer on Wednesday!!

Room Use

The dance room may NOT be freely used by members as of September, it can only be rented for €10 per hour. This is for private use only and not commercial use. If you want to use the room for commercial use such as a workshop or private, please contact The sports room can be used, but only for workouts, this will be checked. We hope you had a great holiday, now it’s time to move those bodies again! Love, Team TUDC ❤️



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